Aspiring Leaders

Exciting opportunity for students to participate in a highly interactive leadership and personal development course.

  • Designed for students who are ready to take the first step into leadership by developing and building leadership qualities, confidence and a foundation necessary for future success
  • Participants are involved in a variety of activities including group initiative tasks, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, problem solving, a values journey, skills based sessions on leadership, building relationships, communication, goal setting and much more
  • Graduates receive ongoing training and assist with the instruction of classes to develop, apply and refine skills and knowledge gained through participation in the course
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  • Fantastic results achieved by all students who competed in the
  • Gold Martial Arts wishes to acknowledge and thank those who
  • Official photographs of the Australian Team and National Coaches including
  • Its about competition and having fun with friends! Great focus
  • A FANTASTIC achievement from GMA student Kian winning double GOLD!
  • Competition Time  A great chance to gain valuable match
  • A BIG THANK YOU to Roberto and Francesca and the
  • The key to success is to focus on goals not